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ABN: 37095551161

Trading as Eduss Learning

IG3 Education – Overview

IG3 Education Ltd (IG3) , a public unlisted company comprises of two main business areas:

IG3 Education, established in Australia in 2001, is a leading Education Solutions Specialists company that delivers cutting edge education & technology solutions to schools and kindergartens. Our products include a number of curriculum support software solutions, including Readme, The Language Market, IG3 Maths, IG3 English & Phonics, Learning A-Z, etc., and EduTouch, a full range of interactive hardware solutions.

An Information Generation (IG) can be defined by the availability and general distribution of non-verbal information. Using this definition, there have been three ‘information generations’ to date; IG1, IG2 and finally IG3 which started with the introduction of the world wide web (‘the web’) and modern communication devices.

Education systems and institutions were designed during and for IG2. IG3 is transforming education, as it has transformed science, engineering, medicine, social communication, manufacturing, business and finance. It allows superior and more individualised distributed teaching and learning to be introduced to allow each child to learn within a class at school and/or at home. It will fulfil the promise of teaching that will implement the learning pace and needs of each child.

IG3 Education Ltd has such a system. The software can be used within a classroom and then at home or other remote location if the student cannot physically attend the class at school for whatever time period. The teacher will have access to the student’s work be it done in the classroom at school or at a remote location.

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ABN: 37095551161

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