Our award-winning software is designed to empower educators through free training and curriculum-aligned teaching resources. It helps reduce lesson planning time, offers the tools needed for personalized learning, and provides a safe environment for authentic feedback in a collaborative setting.

Snowflake is a fun educational suite of interactive multitouch applications designed to help kids learn while they play! Snowflake is the only educational technology software allowing you to divide your touchscreen into independent, personalized zones. Snowflake transforms the classroom into a fun, motivating, and engaging active learning environment.

Snowflake enables teachers and students to tell engaging, interactive stories that align closely with the curriculum, it provides a safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it allows simultaneous personalized instruction making curriculum relevant to students’ lives.

For teachers, Snowflake also means spending less time preparing and more time working with students. Smarter Human Interaction means doing more with every touch, and it means minimizing the effort of every student to be active learners.

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Save Lesson Planning Time

Teachers can find standards-aligned Snowflake Lessons created by teachers for teachers that they can edit to suit their needs.

Do More With Every Touch

Smarter Human Interaction means doing more with every touch, and it means minimizing the effort of every student to be active learners. Save your preferred custom Zones layouts so you can have an entire collaboration station with one single tap. Load a lesson playlist or webpage directly from your home screen.

Highlight Student Work

Students share work they are proud of to their classmates and teachers can easily highlight student achievement on the large display. Students can mirror their IOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices inside a Zone, capture the screen and annotate a collage of screenshots.

Video Linked Lessons

More and more teachers are using videos to boost student engagement in the classroom. With Snowflake, you have access to video-linked lessons that provide hands-on activities aligned with educational standards. These lessons are made by teachers for teachers: by the members of NUITEO’s Global Content Department, but also by teachers all over the world who use Snowflake
in their classroom. Play the lessons online, on your PC, Chromebook, laptop, or other mobile device or in tabletop mode on a large interactive display

Fun Content

Transform quality videos from trusted sources into learning activities and provide multiple ways

to learn the material (e.g. Wikipedia, Podcasts) so that every student can succeed.

A Safe Place To Share

When you answer multiple choice, true/false, and even open-ended questions in a Snowflake

Poll, students can be anonymous and grades are hidden. Students can share their feelings with emojis and bad words in English and Spanish are filtered out.

Drafting And Design

Snowflake allows multiple students to work simultaneously on the same display with different apps. Capture your personal zone and use it as a collage for markup and presentation.

Creation On Mobile

Mobile creation is the key to creative self-expression in the classroom. That’s why we’ve made it possible to play every activity and with the on line version of Snowflake (accessible at

Use images from your camera roll, and record your voice for use inside your lesson.


The way we work today, where distributed teams are prevalent, makes the demand for collaboration tools increase. Choosing the right tool is essential to ensure work processes are more efficient, productivity increases, and teams collaborate better. Improve the way you work with easy to use collaboration tools that help boost productivity, engagement, and creativity, and increase the value in human interactions in your team.

Collaborative Multitouch Software for Corporate Meeting rooms.

Flow is the only business suite that provides a complete solution for aggregation, brainstorming, and collaboration for large Interactive displays, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. In the digital era the multi-user touchscreen software Flow gives you collaboration tools that are easy to use and help to improve the way you work. Captivate your audience by delivering memorable presentations. Reduce decision making time and cost by collaborating more efficiently. Connect multiple devices. Share information and discuss in real time.

  • Aggregate the best ideas

    Flow provides the tools you need to collect and organize ideas both inside and outside of a meeting by remotely contributing from any device using pictures, video, and pages from the most popular Internet resources.

  • Brainstorm & Create

    Flow provides a suite of powerful tools that allow collaborators to quickly organize content and generate ideas and evolve them together on a whiteboard, mindmap or collage of images.

  • Seamless Collaboration

    Collaboration has many forms: be it presenting using an upright display, drafting using a display at 45 degrees, or collaborating face to face over a horizontal tabletop, Flow has got you covered with collaborative options to suit any environment. Share your ideas directly from your laptop, tablet and mobile device. Work together side by side, or even around a table top with zones.


In a typical day, the average modern person is exposed to over 5000 ads per day. It has become a challenge to attract people at events, exhibitions, or in public spaces.
NUITEQ helps you highlight your brand with a wide range of entertaining and engaging interactive games. Stand out of the crowd and create emotional connections between your target audience and your brand.

Engage your target group by promoting your Brand in a FUN way!

Engaging interactive activities and intuitive interfaces make it easy to draw crowds to experience your brand.

  • Gather crowds around your Brand with Smarter Human Interaction

    The multi-touch software Campfire is a world of fun at your fingertips that ads value to your business through smarter human interaction.

  • Create emotional connections between users & your Corporate Identity

    With over 30 customizable apps, Campfire helps you create emotional connections between users and your corporate identity.

  • Attract people at Events and Exhibitions

    Highlight your brand with a wide range of entertaining and engaging interactive games. This suite of interactive games is also an optimal tool to use in public spaces, such as kids corners, keeping children happy and entertained while their parents shop.