Technical Support

IG3 Education’s products are supplied with an on-site installation option. The final process in an installation sign-off with a school includes a basic overview and demonstration, including the installation and loading of software bundled with the solutions. Thereafter, the basic training as noted under the Professional Development and Training section of the IG3 Education website is scheduled and conducted.

The products offered are designed for the school’s market and the quality of the installation is of the highest standard to ensure minimum support requirements. Basic maintenance, i.e. wiping the screens with a damp cloth etc. is discussed and covered as part of the basic training.

The Warranty covers all products or manufacture related failures but excludes damage caused by accident, power surges, water damage, etc. Any improper use of the Equipment, whether intentional or unintentional, operation beyond capacity, failure to report to SELLER within the warranty period, substitution of parts not approved by SELLER, failure or damage due to misapplication, lack of proper maintenance, abuse, improper installation, or abnormal conditions of temperature, moisture, or corrosive matter, or alteration or repair by parties other than the SELLER shall void this warranty.

EduTouch Panels are supplied with a 5-year on-site warranty which can be extended to 7 years.

IG3 offers an on-site support service and the goal is always to ensure minimum down-time, so in cases where items have to be returned to an IG3 Education service centre, a swap-out or loan unit will be provided to the school.

Calls are logged either through the IG3 Education website or by emailing [email protected], alternatively customers can call the support team on 1800 334 633 during office hours, with a message service after hours.

Post warranty services are available on the majority of products and we carry spare parts for all EduTouch products. This will be handled on a case by case time and material basis.

IG3 Education endeavours to respond to any support call within 24 hours after the call has been logged, and then thereafter to have an issue resolved as quickly as possible. Lead times do however vary slightly based on the location of schools; our goal is however always to ensure minimum down-time as noted above.

IG3 Education has over the years built-up a significant sub-contractor installer base and also employs full time technicians. IG3 Education currently maintains and supports a vast number of schools and Kindergartens Australia wide and has the ability to conduct installations and provide support and training to any school anywhere in Australia.

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