Razkids is an outstanding resource!

Razkids is an outstanding resource used daily here at DyslexAbility to enhance our students’ reading and writing skills.  We work with dyslexic students who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling every day and the suite of interactive tools offered through Razkids to support these skills is amazing. Students are able to access their own levelled library of stories, choosing from a large variety of genres. There are over 27 different reading levels to choose from which helps our practitioners to find that “just right text” for their student. The function that we love the most is that all books are also audio, which takes the stress and anxiety off the students especially when they have real difficulty with decoding and reading fluency. The questions at the end of each book are also a bonus which enables us to check for understanding and comprehension as well. The multitude of fiction, non-fiction, and informational books ensures every interest is met and the children absolutely love earning stars and using them to build their Avatars and Rockets.  We have been using Razkids for over three years now and the successes we see in our students’ reading abilities is extraordinary.  We highly recommend Razkids be added to your reading and writing resources …. It’s a definite winner!