The Language Market combines sight and sound to create an effective interactive teaching tool that makes learning a second language GREAT FUN!

The Language Market program is self-paced and ideal for independent learning as well as for small groups in multi-level classes. This means it can also be used as an effective motivational tool for slower learners as well as highly computer- literate learners. Take a fun and fascinating journey with twelve young friends as they explore another language and culture. Students complete hundreds of enjoyable, practical activities and puzzles. Using The Language Market, students will learn to understand, read and speak other languages quickly and easily.

  • Australian Curriculum Aligned
  • Languages included: German, French, Chinese Indonesian Italian and Japanese.
  • 16 sequenced units with over 200 carefully structured interactive learning activities.
  • The Language Market allows the teacher to be the facilitator not the language expert.
  • Self-pacing is particularly good for special needs.


Platform independent and compatible with all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox on all devices, i.e. iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Smart Phone, Windows & Mac PC’s and Notebooks.

Click on the flags to view the Curriculum Alignment Overview for each Language.

Key Elements

  • Over 6000 spoken words per language
  • Thousands of interactive animated screens
  • Animated characters speak with authentic accents
  • Total immersion in the language
  • Translations available for all spoken audio
  • Requires continued student response
  • Vocabulary banks and talking dictionary
  • Tips and hints available throughout activities
  • Personalised printable score certificates

Increased Student Engagement

  • The programs are multi-media based using colourful animated graphics and recordings of native speaker speech. Some photographs are also used in the culture activities.
  • The Characters & funny animated scenes introduce fun elements for learners.
  • Provides opportunities for problem solving and intelligent guessing.

Key Elements

  • Each activity is scored, however it is possible to repeat activities any number of times in order to achieve a higher score for the unit.
  • Learners are rewarded each time they do an activity, so activities are learning activities rather than testing activities.
  • Items are introduced, practised, and eventually called up from learner’s new knowledge base by way of end of unit quizzes.
  • Tips and hints are available throughout all the activities.
  • Progressive built in scoring disciplines to measure and control progress.

Maximise Classroom Learning

  • Over 400 sequenced and carefully structured learning activities designed by language teachers.
  • Animated characters speak authentic accents
  • Progressive built in scoring disciplines to measure and control progress.
  • Total immersion in language
  • Tips and hints available throughout activities